I am busy working on the next collection and I am particularly psyched about a christimas song I have written as well as one for my daughter called "Daddy's Girl".  Good feedback on that one from the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI).  Many of "Getting Off the Grid" were reviewed as well . . with excellent feedback.  Still, yours are the most important.  Give it a try!

For my BCHS colleagues, Kusmerz Barn can be downloaded with the rest of my third albums' tune here - Album # 3 Getting Off the Grid. There are several tunes about sailing and Chicago there as well . . .I hope you enjoy!

"Give me One More Smile" was recommended by NSAI for it's "pitch to publishers" quarterly sessions. Nice!  Find it here:

 Album #2! Stories Amidst the Blue

About my Music

Reflecting my eclectic diversity (schizophrenia?), there is a wide range of tunes here. Guitar, banjo, fiddle, piano are woven throughout with lyrics that range from funny to quite deep: "tears, fears, and joyous years!" What will you find? Here are comments from "fans" on Jango.com, a web site that plays independent music (like mine) alongside "similar" music the listener chooses:
  • “Nice stuff !" (from relm1)
  • “good song. how true!!! ” (from rshepard1105 re: "Keep Makin' Memories" on Album #1)
  • “funny - lifted my spirits ” (from Ron re: "Kickin' Pigeons" on Album #1)
  • “Great Rockin' sound ” (from John re: "The Jesus this Job Sucks Blues" on Album #1)
  • "kinda sounds like James Taylor" (from JMAZZ8888 re: "Falling in Love With Colorado" on Album #2)
  • “sweet and bold with a sweet taste of a musical soul that loves his music" (from hondachevy1)

    I look forward to your comments. Please sign up with your email below!

    One more thing . . let me give a "shout-out" to Steve Goodie and his Pitch-Perfect Recording in Nashville, TN.  Steve plays many of the stringed instruments . . . and Tuba on "Give Me One More Smile" (Album #2).  Jody Nardone plays the piano, and Tim Lorsch helps out on violin/fiddle and, on a few tunes, viola.  Thanks guys.  You're the best!




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