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The Elevated Train Song

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Bluesy? Jazzy? The rigors of commuting in Chicago. Copywrite 2011 by Eric A Henning. All rights reserved.


I'm sound asleep, dreaming deep, alone home in my bed
Blissfully unaware of the hell that lies ahead
Well the alarm clock shouts a warning
And I'm up and out each morning
Climbing on the over populated, unappreciated, public transport pain . . .
The elevated train
(I hate it . . you know what I call it? Insanity incorporated.)

Forgot my tokens, the machines are all broken
the long lines hurt my health
The place is packed - but no ones talkin'
'cept some fool talking to himself.
There ain't no one can make you go where the elevated train will take you oh
You can slowly make your way to work
-or quickly go insane
On the Elevated Train

There outside the window
Life moves quickly by
I hope we get wherever we're join'
Before the day I die (love to hate it)

It's late at night - the whole train is empty
and the only other rider I see
Is a guy who looks like Charley Manson . . .'course he sits right next to me
Well there ain't no doubt about it
I'd probably live with out it
You can run/you can hide
But if you ride, you may surely go insane
On the Elevated Train