From the recording Keep Makin' Memories

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Bankin' Businessman blues

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Flyin on a Friday down the open road
I've got a beer in my hand (I like to drink 'em cold)
I guess I just don't fit the mold
Of a bankin' business man (I'm told)

Well, I've places to go - people to see
I've got to flow like the fire that's inside of me
Gotta find out how good life can be
And you know I think I can . . .you'll see

'Cause I know that a man should go
Where his heart is happy and good times grow
You may live long . . . but ya never know
so I'd best be on my way
Gunna pack up and leave today

Well, I got myself a wagon made in '63
(that's when I was just as tall as my daddy's knee)
He said if I could fix it, heck he'd give it to me
and I finished yesterday

So I grabbed my clothes and my old guitar
Shoved all my shit in the back of my car
Made a little wish upon a shooting star
and now I'm on my way