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Climb Aboard (The Commuter Train Song)

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Fast-Folky. Wrote this as I contemplated commuting, as my dad did, from the suburbs to the city.


"Climb aboard!!"
The old grey-haired conductor roared
From a crowded commuter railway
He said; "Son, don't ya know
Into the city You MUST go
Gotta spend your life to earn your pay."

Well, I turned around
I guess I didn't much like the sound
of that old mand clothed in decay
'Cause his thoughts and trousers were torn
His way of life was a uniform
I turned my back and walked my way . . .

Singin' "Out of love, out of luck, out of my mind
With a lot of hope . . .but so little time
Gotta run, gotta search, I gotta find
What I've been lookin' for
Is an open heart and an open door
Just someone who won't ask for more happiness
At the cost of mine.

Verse 2
I left behind
A woman and that job of mine
I'm sure most can't understand
How I feel held in front of a gun
When I work for someone
Who holds my timecard in his hand . .