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Stories Amidst the Blue

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Jazzy . . proving once again that one can never get enough good sax!


All my secrets/all my lies
All my mistakes and alibies
Are reflected in my eyes
-they're stories amidst the blue.

Through my defeats and foolish pride
Emotions swirls - or sings - inside
I may sit quiet . . but I can't hide
The love that I have for you
They're stories amidst the blue.

My heart's alive and feelin' strong.
I've rapped the beat of blues too long,
It's time to sing a different song
-to simply knowin' you.

I go through so many seasons
I'm high and then low without a reason
I'd like to stay here - if that's pleasin' to you
We'll see the evenin' through
Telling stories amidst the blue.

A child's smile on cold ice cream
cannot match my joy, it seems . . .
A candle fickers but my eyes gleam
With the love that I have for you
it all comes shinin' through
And if you've got nothin' to do . . .
Read the stories amidst the blue . . ."