From the recording Keep Makin' Memories

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Walking Away From Sorrow

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Starts slow but become blue-grassy. The title says it all!


So life's been hard . . .and not that fair
do you care to carry on?
have you given so much life away
that all your own is gone?

You could end it all, in a crashing fall
-or a walk into the sea
But if you plan to walk away
-then walk away with me
-and we will be . . . . .


Walkin away from sorrow
Leaving today for tomorrow
Life is too damn short . . .don't you know things you should forget?
Different drums are drummin
Better times are comin'
If you think you've seen the best of life, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Just take all your cares (leave 'em all behind)
Put a load on your feet (take a load off your mind)
Further ahead I know we'll find
Better weather
There's more to know/more to see
More to become/more to be
If you're feeling alone/call on me
We'll go together


It's down to this/it's up to you
To open yourself to something new
Then where ever you go/whatever you do
You won't be lonely
'Cause life is here/life is now
Just grab a hold and don't allow
A single moment to pass/I'll show you how
We'll take it slowly