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Keep Makin' Memories

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Folky, mostly guitar tune about a Mother's wisdom.


Verse #1
You only have one first love – mine was years ago.
Sometimes it still feels like yesterday.
‘Cause I never will forget how that girl left me layin’ low
-or forget what my mama had to say . . .

You know its time to put the past behind you
When everywhere you look reminds you
Of what you had and what you knew
Here is how you start, dear
You open up your heart, dear
And pretty soon you know just what to do . . .
You keep makin’ memories – till you can’t make anymore
You only have one life to live and that’s what life is for
So when your heart breaks into nothing, pull yourself up off the floor
And keep on makin’ memories – till you can’t make anymore.

Verse # 2
And with every season, ;life moved quickly by
I fell in love again and we had a family
Now my daughters’ nearly grown and she’s the apple of my eye
And she lost here first love – same as me.
You know I told her . . .


Mama said that “life was like a treasure
Tho you never really know just what’s in store
And memories are the jewels that we measure
And time is our gift to find some more”
Verse # 3

Mom and dad were married nearly 50 years
Then one spring night my mama passed away
Now I know that daddy loved her – and I know he still has tears
And I know he knows exactly what she’d say . . .