1. Kusmerz Barn

From the recording Getting Off the Grid

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Kusmerz Barn

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This bluegrassy tune is simply about where my High School Class got together to make our float for the Homecoming Parade. Growing up. Copywrite 2011 by Eric A Henning. All rights reserved.


Well, the word was passed to the freshman class
-regarding the Homecoming parade
Seems we needed a place with lots of room and space
for our freshman float to be made

Now a high school float is as big as a boat
You cannot simply make it anywhere
But Kusmerz had a farm, a basic big 'ole barn
and the folks who said we could build it there.

North of County Line
South of Cuba Road
East of Ela . . .there's a farm
Where the tall corn grows -
But no one really knows
All that went down behind Kusmerz Barn

Well, in those days there were jocks and freaks
And folks like me somewhere in between
But that fall many found commong ground
- if ya know what I mean ;-)


Now I drove by just the other day
But it and many years have come and gone
Well, we won't say what we did
'Cause we cannot tell our kids
All the antics that we had goin' on . . . .